How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 blank screen & other display problems

Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 blank screen

Hello, friends in this tutorial I am gonna show you how to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 blank screen & other display problems.So, read this article carefully because after that you are able to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 blank screen problem and their other display problems.I know you all are curious to solve this …

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5 fundamental security measures for any iPhone

security measures for any iPhone

It is clear that buying an iPhone is a most satisfactory investment. Acquiring one of the best terminals in the market guarantees a great user experience but obviously, we want our mobile to last as long as possible and also, in the best state of conservation. But beware, thieves are not the only …

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery For PC (Android & Mac)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery For PC

With Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, the developer studio Jam City is working on a new official game about the novel hero of the writer Joanne K. Rowling. The release date is planned for spring, further information and a first trailer, the developers publish together with the rights holders Warner Bros. Interactive already. …

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Download The Room 4 Old Sins For PC, Mac & Android

The Room 4 Old Sins For PC

Good news for fans of the mystery games “The Room”.The development studio Fireproof Games will publish a new title from the series next week. The Room: Old Sins can already be pre-ordered at the price of 5.49 euros in the App Store. The game series of Fireproof thrilled iPhone and iPad users …

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RULES OF SURVIVAL is an Action game which is developed by NetEase Games.Welcome to the arena of RULES OF SURVIVAL. You will be one out of 120 unarmed players who get air-dropped into a vast, deserted island. Only the last one survives.Remember, your safe zone is diminishing. You are racing against …

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Double front sensor for the HTC U11 Eyes

HTC U11 Eyes

HTC promises “spectacular” selfies with the dual front camera of its new HTC U11 Eyes.  After Oppo and its 20-megapixel selfie camera, it’s the turn of the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC to present the U11 Eyes, a reworked version of its recent U11 equipped with a dual 5-megapixel front camera specifically dedicated to the taking selfies. …

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Wait until 2019 to buy a MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

All the rumors suggest that Apple will not present any new model of MacBook Pro throughout the year 2018. If you were waiting for the apple company to update this team’s line this year … maybe this news will disappoint you a little. Apparently, Foxconn has received a lot of MacBook orders from Apple. The Cupertino company …

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Download Battlemon League For Android & PC

Battlemon League For Android & PC

TheOne Games announces the launch of its new mobile game ‘Battlemon League’ through the Google Play Store in some countries today.Battlemon League is a real-time Action Battle 6v6 game that allows players to battle their fortress enemies. By the way, it has both near-range and distance attacks. Can be changed at any time according to …

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Download Hello Hero Epic Battle On Mac, Android & PC

Hello Hero Epic Battle On Mac, Android & PC

Fincon Co., Ltd., the developer of the award-winning 3-D game, announced the launch of its new game at Casual Connect Asia 2016 in Singapore last year. Recently released video gameplay Hello Hero Epic Battle, the sequel to the series Hello Hero, in the first announced. It has been added to Part 2 but has recently …

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Increase your sleep quality with Smartsleep!

Philips Smartsleep

Philips introduced Smartsleep, which people have developed for better sleep quality. Smartsleep, attracting attention with its similar design to Bandan, speeds up the transition of the brain to sleep mode by transferring a voice tone called ” White Voice” to the users’ brain. The new title of Philips comes in line with people’s alignment to the …

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