If you receive this message your Facebook account may be stolen

Facebook account may be stolen

There are continually more and more hackers looking to take advantage of the large amount of data traffic that is handled through mobile phones to put your privacy at risk. Recently a new phishing campaign was discovered (a method used by cybercriminals to cheat and impersonate identities by stealing confidential information, such as …

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Download PUBG Mobile For PC (Windows & Mac)

PUBG Mobile For PC

One of the most popular games comes to Android.The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Android is getting very good reviews and it’s no wonder. We have graphics based on the Unreal Engine 4 engine and multiplayer battles of up to one hundred players where we can collect all kinds of weapons and control vehicles. The …

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How to have the volume control of Android P with this application

volume control of Android P

There are still about five months until Android P officially arrives, but to enjoy one of its novelties we do not have to keep waiting. We can now have your new volume control thanks to an application that we can download for free for a limited time on Google Play.We speak of Android P Volume Slider, an application …

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EA unlocks all heroes and vehicles of Star Wars Battlefront II in its new update

Star Wars Battlefront II

Neither the premiere of ‘The Last Jedi’ could cushion the controversial release that had ‘ Star Wars Battlefront II ‘, a game that was postulated as the final adaptation of the galactic saga and ended up being overshadowed by its policies of loot boxes and the character unlocking system. Of course, since then, EA made several changes in extremis and playable rethinking.Five …

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How to clean your computer without ruining it

How to clean your computer

Usually, when we use the computer to do jobs or just be on our social networks, we get hungry. When we begin to eat, waste will fall and later cause problems. This is why cleaning your equipment eventually is of vital importance, but before doing so you have to know some …

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The Westworld game will allow us to create and manage our own park

Westworld game

In April the game of WestWorld, the hit HBO series, will arrive in iOS and Android, where we can build and manage our own park full of “hosts”. In April the game based on the popular HBO series Westworld will come to iOS and Android (although this time it will not be an Augmented Reality game so fashionable lately …

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