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3 small tips to gain a little battery at night

Do you sleep in the evening and wake up the next day and you see that the battery of your iPhone has lost more than 30%? The battery of your iPhone tends to empty very quickly at night? We give you 3 small tips to help you a little.

These tips are obvious and many of you know them. But, when you combine these 3 tips, it can really give a boost to the battery of your iPhone. For my part, I lose only 2 to 3% of battery in 6 hours of sleep.

tips to gain a little battery

Activate the energy saving mode:

During your sleep, turning on Energy Saver mode can help you gain some battery. Anyway, that’s why Apple has introduced this option. This mode, being activated, limits the recovery of emails and automatic download. The Siri Dis option, available on iPhone 6s and later, is disabled.

To activate the power save mode, go to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode.

Stop the app refresh process in the background:

It is true that by activating the energy saving mode Apple tells us that the update of the applications in the background is limited or deactivated, caution is the mother of safety. Consider suspending application refresh by emptying your iPhone’s RAM. Emptying RAM does not mean removing all applications from multitasking but preventing them from continually updating their contents.

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To do this, press and hold the power button until the screen to turn off the iPhone appears. You release the ignition button to finally press the home button until your home screen appears.

Enable Do not disturb mode:

Who needs to see the screen of his iPhone when he sleeps? Even less, who needs to hear the sound of a notification while sleeping? So, activate do not disturb mode when you sleep. This will prevent the screen from turning on and mute the sound of each new notification. Which, of course, will help you gain some battery. Since the screen consumes energy by lighting up.

You can manually activate Do Not Disturb mode or you can set it to activate automatically. You set the start time and the end time. In my case, the mode  Do not disturb activates, all alone, at 22:30 and disables, still alone, at 04:35.

Warning: incoming calls will be silent and the display will not light. As a result, some options need to be changed to allow calls from everyone, from anyone, or from favorite contacts.

You can, by sliding up from the bottom of the screen, use the Control Center to activate Do Not Disturb mode. Or you can go to Settings and press the Do not disturb section.

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