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5 fundamental security measures for any iPhone

security measures for any iPhone

It is clear that buying an iPhone is a most satisfactory investment. Acquiring one of the best terminals in the market guarantees a great user experience but obviously, we want our mobile to last as long as possible and also, in the best state of conservation. But beware, thieves are not the only threat to our best friend: falls, loss, curious eyes …

Below, a series of fundamental measures to safeguard the integrity of your iPhone.Some are common sense, but perhaps you have not thought about others that are fundamental.

Get a good case and a screen protector:

As soon as your iPhone comes out of its box it should have a case and a screen protector waiting for you. Not only will it protect us from falls and blows, it will also keep the aesthetic and all its hardware protected, as well as helping us differentiate it at a glance.In addition to the official you can find on the Apple website, we recommend you take a look at this selection of cases for iPhone in August and the best cheap cases for iPhone X.

Manage your passwords:

There is no infallible password, but there are many passwords that embarrass others. You already know that it is vital to have a robust password for your Apple ID and that we must also have several different passwords to minimize the risk to which we expose ourselves when some of our passwords are broken.

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As our memory is limited, our recommendation is that you use a password manager, it is something similar to the iCloud keychain but with more features and a greater synchronization in that, it will allow us to use it not only on the iOS device.

security measures for any iPhone

Set an unlock code:

Incredible as it seems, there are still people who think it’s super comfortable not to have unlocked code on their iPhone, so they get rid of the tedious process of unlocking it.Nothing is further from reality, the unlock code is the first security measure of our terminal and protects us both from manipulations of our environment to gossip as the first barrier to protect our information.

To configure it is very simple, just go to Settings > Touch ID and code.

Set Face ID or Touch ID:

Another measure of the most logical. Remember that biometric systems do not replace the unlock code, but serve to complement it and streamline the process. Both with fingerprints and your face, these systems have a very low failure rate, they are intuitive and will prevent you from having to memorize passwords. Whenever you can, integrate Face ID or Touch ID with the apps that allow it.

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Activate search my iPhone:

It does not matter if you have left your mobile phone in the car or it has been stolen, if you have to search for my activated iPhone you will be able to know where it is at all times as long as your iPhone is on. Even if you are without a battery you can see the last location.

These are some measuring tips for the safety of your iPhone.Applying these tips in your daily routine and become safe and secure.

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