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Apple could launch two mobile phones cheaper than the iPhone X

Volition is not always power. And although the operators try to flood with thousands of offers to buy the iPhone X, there are those who definitely can not or do not conceive to pay for such an expensive mobile, whose base price is located at 1,159 euros.

That is why, as stated Economic Daily, it is very likely that Apple decides to meet those with a mobile phone with such innovative features, but with a lower budget, and somehow can make less obvious the barrier that until now, weighs on the protagonist of its ecosystem of Apple devices.

mobile phones cheaper than the iPhone X

How cheap would these options be?

Specifically, the information refers to the arrival of two models, one Plus and one more, which would be known as Lisbon and Hangzhou, respectively. The names are not causal; one of the models would be targeting Hangzhou city users in China and other markets looking for more affordable devices.

However, the information does not make clear how much more economic would be either of these two options. After all, iPhones remain expensive, and the most affordable iPhone X 2018 can still be costly.

Before, this rumor is planet doubts on How will Apple reduce the cost of the iPhone X 2018? and although one way would be to reduce their profit margins, something that Apple probably is not willing to do.

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 mobile phones cheaper than the iPhone X

However, it is also assumed that as Apple solves the problems of production of the iPhone X, can make a plan to produce devices with similar features, such as Face ID. Also, Apple could solve to minimize costs with the inclusion of an LCD screen, compared to the OLED manufactured by Samsung of the iPhone X is the most expensive component of the phone.

Although the iPhone X has not yet come out and we do not know the behavior of the market, it is clear that the report takes into account the prices to dare to these assumptions, so it only remains to expect that so great will be the success or failure in sales to consider the release of a less expensive version.

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