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Apple could sell separately the wireless charger of the next iPhone

Apple could sell separately the wireless charger of the next iPhone

We continue to bingo with the rumors about the iPhone 8 (although we are still not clear what the name will be) and is that for lack of news, good are the rumors to quench our curiosity a little. This time an Asian source again points to a model of no less than five inches with wireless charging. That if, this time we are supported with a notion, the fact that Apple can sell separately the wireless charger with which we can take advantage of this technology. While it is true that this charger is included in the Apple Watch, we also have to say that it is the only charging method available.

Rumors now point to Apple launching a new device in the iPhone range, this time would be a five-inch model, which would be right in the middle of the current 4.7 inches of the iPhone 7 and the current 5.5 inches iPhone 7 Plus and they become too big for many users. While being honest, the only problem of the size of the iPhone is its lower and upper frames.

On this occasion, it is clear that Apple would release an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus that will feature exactly the same size as now, and will add an iPhone 8 (hopefully 20th Anniversary) built of other materials and with certain capabilities such as wireless charger, That yes, that could cost more than 1,000 euros.

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This device will bring compatibility with the wireless load already available in the Apple Watch and that works quite well. However, little or nothing is said about a rapid charge, of which inexplicably the iPhone lacks despite having serious problems with autonomy.

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