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Better video quality for the latest update of Google Duo

Goole Duo is updated to version 5.0 with two major improvements: the quality of video transmission through optimization of the codecs employees.

Better video quality for the latest update of Google Duo

Video calling applications are not the world ‘s most popular on smartphones, especially because much of instant messaging apps include this feature as standard. Although there is always room for improvement with a unique application, as demonstrated by Google Duo : simple, simple to the maximum level and with good balance between quality and cost data. Now it is updated with a marked improvement in that capacity .

Google Duo receives a round upgrade: 5.0

With a jump in the number of so striking version it is clear that changes are notorious receives the application. Although, after installing it and try it again, I have to say that not perceived with the naked eye as a user . But yes: from the development team discussed that are optimized video codecs for transmission of the video call is of higher quality.

Better video quality for the latest update of Google Duo

Here are the changes in Google Duo 5.0 :

  • Noticeable improvement in the quality of the transmitted video.
  • The registration of the account is optimized application (Google Duo is only active in one device).
  • The camera rotation is smoother.
  • The problem with the sound reproduction is arranged.
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The update Duo 5.0 of Google has already begun to be distributed. As I said, I have not noticed big differences in the test that I have made, or the quality of transmission or consumed data reduction models. Although I am in good mobile coverage area, Google’s real intention is to optimize the use of Duo for areas without mobile signal correctly .

Google Duo 5.0 begins distribution in the Google Play Store.Download it now…


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