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Brown Dust is out-Free Download Android/iOS

Brown Dust is a new Role Playing Game which is developed by NEOWIZ. I thought it’ll just be another idle game but the formation is actually vital. I didn’t get it until the mercenary tournament. Until then, I was just dropping strong units and hope for the best.

After playing this game now I review this game SO, let start. I find the art is good. The character is well made. I have fun just to see my character. This game is well-made it is not hard to understand how to play it. It is likely grinding mechanism to strengthen our character. A lot of stories to get absorbed. I suggest everyone who loves strategy RPG to try this game. At some point please hold urself to spend so much because many characters are pleasant to see because of its artwork. Well done dev. I am picky to play but this game makes my day again as a gamer.

Brown Dust iOS/Android

For what its worth, the gameplay is really fun and engaging. Characters are pretty to look at and the UI is simple and clean. I know what- the game grew on me, there’s something to sink your teeth into if you give it enough of your time. The amount of content is plentiful and oh boy it just looks pretty.

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The most challenging part or rather the most time-consuming part of the game is to grow your characters. If you have played Gacha type mobile games for some time now, you would know that it takes a lot of time (and sometimes money) to actually max out one character and here in Brown Dust, you actually have at least 9 of them to nurture.

Pros & Cons:


1. Gorgeous character art.

2. No lengthy tutorial and able to reroll as many time as you like.

3. No auto battle toggle button, as the game mechanism is already set to it. What matters is how you compose your party, turns, and formation.


1. Gacha rate for 4* and 5* is extremely hard.

2. The main menu interface is crowded, there are too many things going on there. Pop-ups, lots of current events, etc. Please try to make it simpler. The learning curve can be different for everyone, I found it is not too hard, as long as you spend a little bit of time to read things. Let’s see how long this game will get me hooked up. So far is one of the best RPG genre among other game in Playstore.

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Brown Dust iOS/Android


Brown Dust Android Link
Brown Dust iOS Link

Currently, the Asia server has the same content as the Japan server but slightly behind the Korean server. I know many of the people in chat, led by Kifer, are actually playing the game so if you have any questions on the game, you can actually ask him.

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