Mobile Legends Adventure – clicker RPG with characters from the popular MOBA

Mobile Legends Adventure

Studio Moonton released a direct sequel to the popular MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which was called Mobile Legends: Adventure.  This is still a release in trial mode, but the Russian players were among the first lucky ones. The global release should take place soon. It is important to note that the …

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Dragalia Lost: Nintendo game for Android and iOS is now available

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost, new game for Nintendo phones is now available in some countries. The game is only present in countries like the United States and Japan. With an anime style “afternoon session” footprint, entitled to opening with mellow music, the title is another gacha game by Nintendo. Following the success of …

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Song of Ruin mobile game remembers Dark Souls (Android/iOS)

Song of Ruin

Song of Ruin is a hack’n slash game expected for mobile phones (Android and iOS), Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. Developed by the producer Day3, the game draws attention by the similarities of the combat with Dark Souls. Check out the trailer. Day3 is a small independent team owned by the Mengjia …

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New strategy game RWBY: Amity Arena – Pre-Registration

RWBY: Amity Arena

RWBY Amity Arena is a new and fresh Strategy Game which s developed by NHN Entertainment Corp. NHN Entertainment Corp announce the pre-registration for RWBY Amity Arena. This new mobile game will be available in Fall 2018 on Google Play and the App Store in select countries. RWBY Amity Arena has …

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Brown Dust is out-Free Download Android/iOS

Brown Dust iOS/Android

Brown Dust is a new Role Playing Game which is developed by NEOWIZ. I thought it’ll just be another idle game but the formation is actually vital. I didn’t get it until the mercenary tournament. Until then, I was just dropping strong units and hope for the best. After playing this …

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Civilization Online Origin launches in China

Civilization Online Origin

Another Strategy Game is here but now only in China and probably in some other countries. Pretty sure this is a China-exclusive mobile game based on the Civilization franchise and the name is already shown that this game is based on Civilization. Another ChinaJoy 2018 announcement. The first trailer of Civilization …

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Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Serious Battle-Pre-registration

Yu Yu Hakusho

If you are one of those who interested in some kind of serious Battles then Yu Yu Hakusho is really promising for you. Yu Yu Hakusho is a new fresh game which is developed by Klab. KLab has announced the pre-registration event for Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Maji Battle. Pre-register for …

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Arc The Lad R based on classic JRPG – Pre-registration

Arc The Lad R

A classic JRPG is awaiting your Pre-registration. ForwardWorks has recently announced the pre-registration event for their upcoming mobile game, Arc The Lad R. Arc The Lad R is basically a classic JRPG. For your information, ForwardWorks Corporation is the mobile games publishing division of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sign up now and win …

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Free Google app that teaches you how to program

Google app that teaches you how to program

If programming is part of your career or you just want to learn about the language of codes, we have good news for you. Google created an app specially designed for beginners in this field that offers lessons of five minutes or less of JavaScript, the language used to develop …

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The free version of Spotify soon enriched?

free version of Spotify

According to Bloomberg, Spotify is expected to make an important announcement in the coming weeks regarding its online music streaming service, especially for the free part of the platform. Improvements should be made to offer mobile users a better experience of the Spotify app and therefore the service becomes more general. The goal is obviously to attract more …

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