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My cell phone is hit and has no signal, what do I do?

cell phone problem

Unfortunately, and although we take the trouble to use protectors for our mobile phones, the truth is that sometimes cases are inevitable in which these devices are hit, and as a result, have problems later. In this particular article, we would like to address an inconvenience that many readers have mentioned to …

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How to Have More than 5000 Friends on Facebook

More than 5000 Friends on Facebook

Thanks to Facebook you can not only stay connected with everyone you know. You can even reconnect with those you have not seen for years. It is possible to meet new people and make friends like any other social network. We all have the possibility of having 5,000 friends. Can we have more?. How …

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How to solve Bluetooth connection problems with headphones

solve Bluetooth connection problems

Technology sometimes fails, it is inevitable. But when we buy a product that supplies certain needs that fail annoys a lot. This is the case of those Bluetooth helmets that do not connect to our mobile. An important annoyance, since these headphones are designed to improve our mobility at the expense of relying on …

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How to Listen to WhatsApp audios faster and save time

TalkFaster app

In recent years, instant messaging applications have become the main form of non-face-to-face communication. No letters, no calls, no emails. Apps like WhatsApp are almost a religion. Within those services there is a type of message that is becoming increasingly popular. We refer to the voice notes , small sound clips that are sent hundreds …

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How to Add Location to Instagram Stories

Add Location to Instagram Stories

Instagram has become in a short time, in the most used social network in the world surpassing many others. Obviously with this great power comes a great responsibility would say Uncle Ben and is that you have to release updates and developments all the time in order to keep all users …

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How to extend the life of cell phone-Tips

extend the life of cell phone

It turns out that your cell phone is like your best friend, you take it everywhere and it is always there to help you with tasks, to solve doubts, to not get bored with music or games or what is the Facebook status of your friends. That’s why you have …

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How to make an Instagram backup on the iPhone

Instagram backup on the iPhone

Today we’re going to show you how to make an Instagram backup on the iPhone. A good way to save all the photos and videos that we have uploaded. Instagram is today the best social network there is. That is why it is continually being renovated to the consumer’s liking. Because there is nothing better …

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If you receive this message your Facebook account may be stolen

Facebook account may be stolen

There are continually more and more hackers looking to take advantage of the large amount of data traffic that is handled through mobile phones to put your privacy at risk. Recently a new phishing campaign was discovered (a method used by cybercriminals to cheat and impersonate identities by stealing confidential information, such as …

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How to have the volume control of Android P with this application

volume control of Android P

There are still about five months until Android P officially arrives, but to enjoy one of its novelties we do not have to keep waiting. We can now have your new volume control thanks to an application that we can download for free for a limited time on Google Play.We speak of Android P Volume Slider, an application …

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