If you like photography, wait for the iPhone 9

iPhone 9 camera

Apple’s desire to innovate is insatiable. It was logical to think that the giant of Cupertino was not going to keep only a camera capable of creating studio lighting or able to imitate your movements and translate them into a fun emoji and that according to Bloomberg reports, the next iPhone 9 will most likely have …

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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: which is better?

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We have recently launched the iPhone X, of which every day we have new news, reviews, and comments. The flagship of the Cupertino is very desired, as can be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with a previous release also gives much to talk about. We have proposed to make a comparison that can help you decide …

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  Unfortunately, the battery of the iPhone (and the iPad) is not infinite. In addition, it never usually lasts the time we need in our day today. And to make matters worse, the technology companies continue to include new features, functions, and features that deplete the battery even more. As happened after the …

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The iPhone X will have its own version of iOS 11.2

iPhone X will have its own version of iOS 11.2

The iPhone X Apple is here and is here to stay. The 10th-anniversary smartphone will revolutionize the way iPhone users interact with iOS mobile software. And this will continue to happen with the models of future generations. The new design of the iPhone X makes the device requires other functions and even tactile gestures. By not having the …

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Even people with small hands can use the iPhone X

Even people with small hands can use the iPhone X

One of the biggest points in favor of the sale of the new iPhone X is its giant screen, but for users with short fingers or small hands, that means that navigating the touch screen of 5.8 inches of the phone could be a great challenge. Apple created a solution for small people …

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Problems in the iPhone X: is the screen too blue?

Problems in the iPhone X

After more than a month of waiting since its official announcement during the keynote of September 12, the iPhone X has already reached the hands of the public. And this is without a doubt the great hour of truth for the best smartphone of all time (to date). It is the most powerful, the …

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This is the iPhone X from inside: two batteries

iPhone X from inside

If you are some technical type person then you have keen desire to open your every phone to see it from inside.Now in this blog, I am gonna show you how iPhone X looks really from inside.The iPhone X has a very different external appearance thanks to its new design with an OLED …

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The best tricks for your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

best tricks for your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

The new iPhone X is clearly the spearhead of Apple. But the new iPhones 8 are still a big update. They come loaded with news, although many are bent on calling them “iPhone 7 updates”.There are many new, interesting and useful things on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. These are the tips and tricks …

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I reserved an iPhone X, what do I do now?

iPhone X

You have a week to wait for your new iPhone X (if you’re one of the lucky ones). There are some things you should do during this time to make sure everything is ready for the day of delivery.Most of us will have spent € 1159 on the iPhone X. Even if you …

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