How to make an Instagram backup on the iPhone

Instagram backup on the iPhone

Today we’re going to show you how to make an Instagram backup on the iPhone. A good way to save all the photos and videos that we have uploaded. Instagram is today the best social network there is. That is why it is continually being renovated to the consumer’s liking. Because there is nothing better …

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This happens to your phone when you listen to music when you shower

using mobile in bath

Let’s be honest: one of life’s greatest pleasures is to listen to music while we bath. Of course, for this, we have to use the smartphone. However, this common practice that we usually perform on a daily basis can be very damaging to our mobile device. Let’s see why … When you take …

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Increase your sleep quality with Smartsleep!

Philips Smartsleep

Philips introduced Smartsleep, which people have developed for better sleep quality. Smartsleep, attracting attention with its similar design to Bandan, speeds up the transition of the brain to sleep mode by transferring a voice tone called ” White Voice” to the users’ brain. The new title of Philips comes in line with people’s alignment to the …

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Samsung Notebook 9: Laptops in 2018 will be lightweight and versatile

Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung has unveiled its new range Samsung Notebook 9: convertibly ultra-books versatile and lightweight. They will certainly not come out in many countries, but that does not prevent us from taking an interest in them: the Notebook 9s are 13-inch laptops under Windows 10 that will be unveiled at CES 2018. …

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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: which is better?

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We have recently launched the iPhone X, of which every day we have new news, reviews, and comments. The flagship of the Cupertino is very desired, as can be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with a previous release also gives much to talk about. We have proposed to make a comparison that can help you decide …

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Snapchat Spectacles: a disaster on the arms

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat shows are not selling well, with hundreds of thousands of unsold units.Read Also: Vivo X20 Plus: the new Chinese borderless soon to be released. Snapchat, your golden age seems on the decline. Although the application is still used a lot, especially among the youngest of us, it was quickly ousted from the …

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