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Children born after 2017 will never drive a car; Says specialist

Children born after 2017 will never drive a car; Says specialist

The technology continues to advance in an unprecedented way, and today electronic devices dominate the market and gain more and more predilection, making smartphones and tablets, for example, almost ubiquitous.

Even with the benefits that smart gadgets bring, many questions how far this concept will still come in, taking into account the rapid glimpse into current technology, with what we had in the past.

With the arrival of the Internet of Things, even appliances reach a new level of evolution and artificial intelligence follows expanding . In addition to a range of robots for different purposes in the market, we also see the autonomous cars, with its futuristic concept that do not require a human driver for driving.

The presence of these independent vehicles generated a new debate that surfaced this first week of the year, and expert Henrik Christensen, director of the University of California, San Diego, in the United States, gave his honest opinion on the subject.

Children born after 2017 will never drive a car; Says specialist

Christensen believes strongly that in the future these autonomous cars will be more common than people believe , therefore, all children born after the year 2017 will even get a chance to find out what is an accelerator pedal or how to take direction Of a steering wheel.

My prediction is that children born from 2017 will never drive a car.

This bet is based on the omnipresence of autonomous cars in 15 years, at the latest, when several renowned automotive companies will implement this concepts in their vehicles.

All automotive companies – Daimler, GM, Ford – are saying that in five years they will have autonomous cars on the road.

Of course, some experts disagree with this view, and believe that this estimate is hasty and erroneous, taking into account surveys conducted in the last year that by 2035 there should be about 21 million independent cars around the world, a figure still Than expected.


Also in this week’s CES , as the first major 2017 technology event, the director of the Research Institute of Toyota, Gill Pratt said:

None of us, in the automotive or technology sector, is close to achieving full vehicle autonomy, we are not even seeing that possibility.

The Uber in December was forced to take autonomous cars from the streets of California , as the problems reported with cars related to bike paths , so the last note of the experts, in fact, can be consistent.

Of course, it is too early to say that the future will be based on autonomous cars, but it is very difficult for technology in this segment to replace human mind and vision.

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