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Civilization Online Origin launches in China

Another Strategy Game is here but now only in China and probably in some other countries. Pretty sure this is a China-exclusive mobile game based on the Civilization franchise and the name is already shown that this game is based on Civilization. Another ChinaJoy 2018 announcement.

The first trailer of Civilization Online Origin is here.

Publisher 360 Games and IP owner 2K Games revealed the game trailer for their new joint project recently at ChinaJoy 2018, titled 文明Online: 起源 (Civilization Online: Origin).

Civilization Online Origin

Civilization Online Origin

The 4 civilizations include Chinese, Persia, Egypt, and Greece, each with its unique content such as hero characters, technologies, units and more.

Players will have to make use of terrains as well to strategize their combat. Civilization Online: Origin is set to launch in China later this month. Hopefully, the developer never waits for a long and officially launch it in other countries.

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