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Download OverHit (오버히트) For PC (Android & Mac)

Nexon always brings some new and exciting games for us.This time Nexon brings a game with some fresh gameplay.Nexon had recently released their latest mobile game, OverHit (오버히트). Players who are interested in the game can now download it from Korea’s App or Play Store.

The gameplay is similar to most Mobile RPG from Korea. Combat is turn-based and automatic while Players can decide when to use your character’s skill by tapping on the icons. You can “queue” your skills similar to the mechanic in Seven Knights. The one thing that I don’t like about the game is that the skills share a global cooldown. This means that you really need to strategize and prioritize your skills prior to casting it.

Graphics wise, the game is really beautiful and detailed. This is the type of graphics where you’ll more commonly find on a PC game. However, with good graphics come great problems. Firstly, this is probably the first mobile game that I could not play it smoothly on my iPhone 6s. I tried turning down the settings to the lowest but still faced with FPS issues. Also, the game heats up the battery pretty quickly.

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OverHit (오버히트) For PC

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Download OverHit (오버히트) from Google Play Store.

Download OverHit (오버히트) from App Store.

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