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Dragalia Lost: Nintendo game for Android and iOS is now available

Dragalia Lost, new game for Nintendo phones is now available in some countries. The game is only present in countries like the United States and Japan. With an anime style “afternoon session” footprint, entitled to opening with mellow music, the title is another gacha game by Nintendo.

Following the success of Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost bets on the collecting of characters. However, the new game is incredibly well-crafted, even by Japanese mobile standards.

Who does not know, would say that the game is inspired by a successful anime. In fact, Dragalia Lost bets a lot on “anime style”, with very well designed characters, many 2D animations and good 3D graphics. The dubbing was something taken to another level, with over 60 different voice actors.

Dragalia Lost

The story revolves around the seventh prince of Alberia, who performing a ritual pact with dragons, things go wrong. He is betrayed by his brothers and has his kingdom taken.


In gameplay, Dragalia Lost does not complicate matters. It is an action RPG with a “swipe” mechanic to attack. However, the game is very story-focused and full of dialogues, which may irritate those looking for a more “straightforward” game.

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As it is practiced, every launch of Nintendo is a series of catastrophic errors. It was like that with Pokémon GO, Fire Emblem Heroes and is not being different with Dragalia Lost.

On both Android and iOS, the player only downloads the installer of the game, and it is necessary to leave the screen open and connected to download 1.2 GB. However, Nintendo’s servers are jammed and the download is constantly bugged. It takes a lot of patience to download the game.

Also, anyone who enjoys Nintendo games on the cell phone already knows that they can not use Root, emulators or Jailbreak on their cell phones. If the game detects anything strange, it will display the message that the “Device is not enabled to run the game”.

To download the game you need to use a VPN (Android) or have an account in the US App Store (iOS)

Download Link (IPHONE)

Download Link (ANDROID)

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