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EA unlocks all heroes and vehicles of Star Wars Battlefront II in its new update

Star Wars Battlefront II

Neither the premiere of ‘The Last Jedi’ could cushion the controversial release that had ‘ Star Wars Battlefront II ‘, a game that was postulated as the final adaptation of the galactic saga and ended up being overshadowed by its policies of loot boxes and the character unlocking system. Of course, since then, EA made several changes in extremis and playable rethinking.Five months later, the DICE shooter is updated to version 2.0, and the announced changes add an unexpected surprise: all players will have access to any hero and villain of the saga available to this day. Eye, and also to the galactic vehicles.

The announcement has been made official both in the forums of the game and through the notes of the patch through a statement of Sledgehammer70, Community Manager of EA, indicating the reasons for this decision.

We have also unlocked all Heroes and Heroic ships available to all. Since all the characters now have their own system of levels. We do not want to limit the possibilities of anyone’s progress, especially now that we have changed the way you can interact with these characters.

Initially, it took between 30 and 40 hours of play to unlock characters like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader and access them in modes like Multiplayer Assault, the start mode of the game, although it is also true that there were ways in which we could put them to the test. And especially absurd methods of getting them.

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In addition, the readjustments of the loot boxes that were announced last week will be available once we update the game: the Star Cards will no longer be part of the random rewards, being able to obtain only cosmetic and decorative elements that will not have playable effects. Of course, microtransactions return.

Star Wars Battlefront II

The version 2.0 of ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ promises to be the revulsive that this ambitious shooter needed, although perhaps this series of changes arrive too late. For now, the change coincides with an interesting reduction of the game in the digital store of Microsoft and Sony. Chance? Probably not. But good is what ends well.

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