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Fairy Tail Dice Magic-Board Game Free Download

Fairy Tail Dice Magic is a new fresh Board Game which is developed by Fuji Games. Fuji Games has recently announced the pre-registration event of a new Fairy Tail game, Fairy Tail Dice Magic.

As the name shown that the game is about the Fairy Tail. Some kind of fantasy world of hero and heroin.

Fairy Tail Dice Magic-Board Game

Not much about the game has been made known yet except that Natsu, Lucy, Grey and their gang will be appearing in the game. However, based on the game’s title I’m guessing this is a Dice board related game?

More information will be made known over the next few days so stay tuned.

Here is the link for the pre-registration of the game. Register now and won the exciting prizes the helps you in going more and more high in the game.

Pre-register Fairy Tail Dice Magic Here.

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