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First strength test of the new iPhone 7 in July

The endurance test are certainly common practice in the world of mobile devices. After noting the success of sales to be achieved with the new iPhone, as well as all the features and functions presented by the new terminal of the Cupertino, so we can only know how is the response to endurance tests.

Endurance test for the iPhone 7:

The first to take the step has been the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. One type well-known in the network being responsible for subjecting very hard to test different devices on the market. You attach the video at end of article.

First strength test of the new iPhone 7 in July


One of the tests highlights is the resistance to scratches with the key in the rear of the device. After subjecting different scratch the new iPhone in July , the results have been quite positive, since they disappear when you put your hand on the housing. On the other hand, if we perform the test with another more sharp object , obviously the marks will be reflected in the terminal , as Jerry has shown in the video.


In addition, the glass of the camera and flash not resist the attack of a cutter, as is also damaged by the action of the blade. Note that the screen suffers scratches a certain level. As you can see in the video, it manages support up to scratch Level 6, so the new iPhone screen 7 is resistant to small scratches with not very sharp objects.


Can you bend the new iPhone 7?

Let us emphasize that at no time the Cupertino warned that this model could be folded iPhone. After testing, the results have shown that when bent, the back of the terminal is separated expose allowing protection to water and dust. Thus we can say that is slightly resistant to the small torque.

First strength test of the new iPhone 7 in July


Finally after analyzing the different tests, we can determine that the new iPhone 7 has a similar to other competing devices resistance. Apparently, the iPhone 7 bear little friction with keys, but we should not becomplacent, since it remains a terminal pretty picky.


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