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Free Google app that teaches you how to program

If programming is part of your career or you just want to learn about the language of codes, we have good news for you.

Google created an app specially designed for beginners in this field that offers lessons of five minutes or less of JavaScript, the language used to develop websites and HTML.

Have you heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”? Google is betting on this because the platform proposes a learning plan based on daily practice. Also, as you can use it from your cell phone, you have access to it anywhere, anytime.

Google app that teaches you how to program

His name is Grasshopper and has several levels that allow you to go leveling and learn from the simplest processes to the most difficult. 

Best of all, this tool also offers the option of receiving feedback regarding your practices, so you have a clear idea of how you are progressing with your new skills.

The application is available for Android and iOS.

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