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Galaxy S9: this is how Samsung will destroy its rivals

That Samsung is working on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, there is no doubt. In effect, we find that these are two devices that will be launched on the market back in February. And the truth is that recently we have been analyzing the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S9, but little by little we know more about it.

Well, the truth is that in these last hours, have appeared information that indicates that the Korean firm could have a definitive idea to get rid of the main rivals that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have on the market. We must say that some of the competitors confirmed for the Galaxy S9 are the LG G7, the Huawei P11, and the OnePlus 6, for pointing out the most famous.

The plan of Samsung to leave behind the rivals of the Galaxy S9:

Galaxy S9

It happens that, according to the latest rumors, Samsung is completely determined to get rid of the main rivals that the Galaxy S9 will have on the market, and we will develop the plan in this regard. Well, the first thing you have to know is that the Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, a specialist in the subject, has advanced much of this plan of action of the Korean.

Murtazin himself has pointed out that Samsung recently reached an agreement with processor manufacturer Qualcomm, the first SoC server for mobile phones with an Android operating system. And the purpose of this agreement is to offer a period of exclusivity of one of its processors, presumably the Snapdragon 845, so that only the Korean one can use it.

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Indeed, it is a kind of deference that Qualcomm already knew in the past with Samsung, and that allowed the Korean firm, get a huge advantage over some of its main competitors, such as LG or Huawei. An obvious case was the Galaxy S8 since Samsung had access to the Snapdragon 835 processor much earlier than most of the competition.

The specialists, with statistics in hand, came to the conclusion that this particular agreement between Samsung and Qualcomm greatly helped the Korean firm. We can remember that the LG G6, one of the main rivals of the Galaxy S8, had to incorporate a Snapdragon 821 processor to be able to go on the market at the same time as Samsung’s flagship.

That generated that immediately, the LG G6 started at a disadvantage against the Galaxy S8, and we can be pretty sure that something similar will happen when we think about the confrontation between the Galaxy S9 and the LG G7. Unless, of course, that the other Korean firm bets for looking for a processor from another company, something that at the moment has not been confirmed or dismissed.

What should Samsung’s competitors do?

Galaxy S9

Now, what should LG, OnePlus or Huawei, some of the manufacturers that have plans to launch phones to compete directly with Samsung’s Galaxy S9? Well, in the case of Huawei, we have already seen how it develops its Kirin processors to avoid just such problems, and not depend on a distributor like Qualcomm.

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Now, we have no idea at the moment how both LG and OnePlus will react to this agreement that Qualcomm could reach with the leading Android mobile company from around the world. Anyway, we will be very attentive to all the news in this regard to be able to analyze the steps that will come in this fight for next year that is beginning to be considered.

What else would you like to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9?

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