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Honor Magic contact and first impressions

We have made the first contact of Honor Magic in China and these are our impressions of the new mobile Android failing to make a thorough analysis.

As you know we have witnessed the presentation of the new flagship of Honor in China and after the event we had the chance to try it for a while, not to make a review in detail but to tell you how are this mobile and our first impressions.

 Honor Magic contact and first impressions


Eye-catching design:

The first thing that draws attention is the design, with a very curved black front in which the edge stands out, in metallic pink tones.

In the hand is very comfortable and light and do not disturb the edges as it happens in other terminals with the screen so accented to the sides. We would have liked the leaks to have been completed and the screen to get even closer to the edges.
Honor Magic contact and first impressions


Yes, it is true that it is very slippery, something that reminds us of Honor 8.

Decent benefits:

In the short time, we have been able to test it the mobile has responded well although we have not made use of many options that required configuration.

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It is a terminal that tries to position by software and design, not by hardware, where without having bad features, it also does not stand out.


The screen is incredibly clear and contrary to what it may seem does not have many reflections when it is on. It does not seem to be annoying at all.

Honor Magic contact and first impressions

Almost impossible to reach Europe:

This is a mobile focused on the Chinese market because the software and services added, encompassed in Honor Magic Life, are not understood outside the Asian country. In fact, it gives the feeling that they have wanted to emulate many of the things that Google does, Such as Google Now On Tap, in this software.Also note that it is a terminal very expensive by Chinese standards, at least for what up to now represented this brand.

Perhaps we will see a variation on our continent, we would like, but it will not be under this name and with these characteristics.

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