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How to activate or deactivate the automatic brightness in iOS 11

automatic brightness in iOS 11

The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 11, has brought a lot of new features to iPhone and iPad users.With iOS 11 many elements of the system’s user interface have been redesigned. A new Dock with Multitasking features, a more customizable Control Center and a Notification Center merged with the Lock Screen has been introduced.

But, despite its interesting changes, iOS 11 has also received many criticisms. Especially for the drainage of the battery in devices of previous generations. If that is your case, this tutorial will be to your liking. Today we will explain how to activate and deactivate the automatic brightness of the screen in iOS 11. An ideal way to save additional battery on your iPhone and iPad.

How to turn automatic brightness on and off in iOS 11:

The automatic brightness functionality in iOS 11 is an operating system feature that automatically configures the brightness of your iPhone and/or iPad screen based on the surrounding light conditions.

Therefore, if you are in a dark environment like a room with the blinds down … the brightness will decrease. If you are on the street, in broad daylight, the brightness will increase.

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automatic brightness in iOS 11

In previous versions of the mobile operating system, configuring this function was very easy from the “Display and brightness” section of Settings. But this option is no longer available in that section of iOS 11 … Follow these steps to see how it is done now:

1. Access the iOS 11 Settings app.

2. Enter General.

3. Click on Accessibility.

4. Then click on Display settings.

5. Here you will find the automatic brightness feature of iOS 11. The only thing you should do is activate the button to enable this feature based on your needs.

We do not know why Apple will have moved this option to the native application of iPhone and iPad Settings. But if you do not want to use it, you can always manually change the brightness of your device’s screen in iOS 11 from the Control Center.

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