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How to Add Location to Instagram Stories

Instagram has become in a short time, in the most used social network in the world surpassing many others. Obviously with this great power comes a great responsibility would say Uncle Ben and is that you have to release updates and developments all the time in order to keep all users of that social network hooked to it, that’s no easy task.

Instagram stories were a great addition that users embraced and began to use without stopping, then it was adding more and more functions to these stories so that these were more versatile and dynamic, companies and people make daily use of said stories with different purposes.

Add Location to Instagram Stories

Add Location to Instagram Stories

How to add location to Instagram stories:

Another function that was added is to add the geographical location to it so that in this way, those who see your story can know exactly where that photo is or where you are.

How can you add the location to Instagram stories? Follow step by step what I will tell you next:

  • The first thing you have to do is add the location to Facebook, on the wall you will have to put a status and then click on add to location. It is registered in the social network but also in Instagram that detects it automatically.
  • Now you can upload the photo you want to publish adding any kind of filter you want, as always.
  • Notice that there is a space that is specific to the location, it is like a search bar, there you can add the name of a street, maybe a company, etc. Instagram is also going to suggest the address you put beforehand.

But in the end, as you can see add location to Instagram stories is easier than it seems and in a matter of a few minutes you’ll be able to enjoy this great functionality so that all your followers know where that picture is taken or basically so you can use it as you want without any kind of problem.

Remember as always that in case you have any kind of doubt about it, you can leave a comment a little below.

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