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How to clean your computer without ruining it

Usually, when we use the computer to do jobs or just be on our social networks, we get hungry. When we begin to eat, waste will fall and later cause problems.

How to clean your computer

This is why cleaning your equipment eventually is of vital importance, but before doing so you have to know some important facts:

  • Blow waste:

There are products that contain compressed air to clean computers. These serve to be able to blow the remains that are between the keys, but be careful and try not to throw the air for too long at the same point, as this can damage the equipment.

  • Apply foam for dirt:

Normally people use this product incorrectly, applying it directly to the surface to be cleaned. To use it correctly, apply on another surface and wipe it so that it gets wet. Then he began to clean the affected areas.

If you do it directly, the foam can reach the internal circuits and damage them.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner:

Computers use a fan to cool their components. It is usual for a large amount of dust to lodge in this place and cause malfunction. To avoid damage, you can vacuum the place where the fan is located.

  • Clean the screen:
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With a microfiber handkerchief, clean the screen with circular movements without applying pressure. You can also use a glass cleaner. You only have to apply a little on the handkerchief and then pass it on the screen without applying pressure.

That’s all my friends.Hope you like these tips and tricks.try it on your Computer or PC and prevent your computer from all these waste and garbage.

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