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How to clean your iPhone’s speakers?

Can not you hear the music on your iPhone? Do you find your loudspeaker racks too dirty? Here is a little trick to clean the speakers of his iPhone.

The iPhone speakers are a nightmare for the cleanliness maniacs. Indeed, these small holes under the device are real dust nests, and, as you know, it is very difficult to get rid of them. The idea of removing these orifices with an air bomb may seem obvious, but this technique is the best way to compress and infiltrate dirt into high-speaker. The technique of the vacuum cleaner may not look bad too, but it is not a really effective technique. So how to clean the speakers of his iPhone? Prices of the iPhone 8, Android 8.0 Oreo: Everything You Need to Know, WhatsApp officially introduces Business News.


How to clean your iPhone's speakers?

Clean the iPhone’s loudspeakers with adhesive paste:

This is an object that does not come to mind when talking about cleaning iPhone, but it is nevertheless very effective. Indeed, the paste adhesive is the ideal tool to clean the grids of your high-speakers.

To do this, take a piece of adhesive paste, and position it on the holes of the speakers. Then, press well, so that the paste penetrates the orifices. When this is done, just remove the dough. Magic! Dust and dirt come out with adhesive paste.

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If the paste remains jammed in the sound outputs, you just have to repeat the operation, it will start as it arrived.

Also, know that this trick works very well to clean your headphones and the rear microphone of your iPhone.

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