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How to Clear History of Visited Sites

It is a very common question that every asked that how he/she can delete their history of visited sites on the internet.Now we can make it easy for you to this article in which you are able to find out all that answers whose questions are in your mind.

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How do I delete the history?

When navigating on the internet via a browser, the browser stores by default the history of the pages visited, which can represent a risk in terms of confidentiality and may prove embarrassing in certain situations. There are several ways to remedy this:

Cleaning the hard drive:

You can launch a disk cleanup to clear the cookies and the history of the websites visited. On Windows, just go to:

  • Start
  • Accessories
  • System Tools
  • Cleaning the hard drive (c: \)

Start cleaning and erase unwanted items. In addition, Ccleaner can automate this process for most browsers ( Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).

Clear browsing history in Internet Explorer (versions 8 to 11):

  • Open the “Tools” menu
  • Select “Security”
  • Click on “Delete browsing history”: tick the corresponding boxes and click on “Delete”
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Clear Chrome browsing history:

  • Click on the “Chrome” menu (top right) to access the browser menu and settings options.
  • Select “Tools” from the drop-down list.
  • Select “Clear navigation data”.
  • Check the option “Clear browsing history” in the dialog box that appears (it is normally checked by default).
  • In “Erase Dating Items …”, select the option “from the beginning”
  • Click on “Clear navigation data”.

How to Clear History of Visited Sites

Clear browsing history in Firefox:

  • Open the Firefox menu
  • On the History tab, click “Delete Recent History”
  • Scroll down the “details” menu to check the correct removal options
  • In the “Interval to delete” drop-down list, select “All”
  • Click on “Delete Now”

Complementary approaches: do not record history:

In Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer and then visit:

  • Tools then check ” Navigation In private “.

By activating this mode the history and the cookies will be deleted when you close the navigation window. Attention, this manipulation must be repeated each time the browser is opened.

Under Mozilla Firefox:

Open Firefox and then visit:

  • Tools
  • options
  • Click on the ” Privacy ” tab
  • Select the option ” Never keep the history “.

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