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How to Create a call alert with Siri

Reminder feature is very useful. For people who are quite busy with work each day.  Especially those who need to communicate frequently with others Today, the team has a way to create a call reminder. With Siri, there are call shortcuts to choose from on the iPhone that allows you to call quickly.

Create a call alert with Siri

We will use the Siri method to create a reminder list. For notification of calls to people in the list Because if we record the notification itself, the shortcut command for the call will not be displayed.

Create a call alert with Siri. Call shortcuts are selected on the iPhone.

Call Siri by saying “Hello Siri” or hold down the side button> Tell Siri “Remind me to call the time list …”> The notification list will be saved automatically.

At the specified time Call notifications will be displayed on the Lock Screen page> tap the notification list. The device will open the reminder app. Can tap the call icon To contact the contacts that we have set to alert the callers at all.

Or will touch and hold the notification list Then release your finger> will see that there are shortcuts that we can continue.


Setting a call alert with Siri in addition to helping create a reminder list is easy. We also use shortcuts for calls. But if we create a notification list by printing itself Call shortcuts are not displayed.

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