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How to extend the life of cell phone-Tips

It turns out that your cell phone is like your best friend, you take it everywhere and it is always there to help you with tasks, to solve doubts, to not get bored with music or games or what is the Facebook status of your friends.

That’s why you have to take care of it almost more than your life because if it breaks down or you lose it, you do not know when they will buy you another like the one you want.

extend the life of cell phone

Here we give you five tips to make you last a long time:

1. Always carry it inside a good protective case so that it does not break or scratch if it falls out. Look for those that protect the back, side and a part of the screen. In addition, you can choose one with the theme that you like.

2. Do not leave it in constant exposure to sun or rain. Faced with this type of situation, you can leave unharmed or dead. If you go to the beach, look for one of those hermetic waterproof covers, so that sand does not get in either.

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extend the life of cell phone

3. Try to keep updated the applications of your cell phone, but if you are not going to use it, for example, when you sleep, better leave them “asleep”, to save battery.

4. Keep in mind that if you carry metal objects, such as scissors, along with your phone, the battery may cause a short-circuit. Keep them well away from your cell phone.

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