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How to Have More than 5000 Friends on Facebook

Thanks to Facebook you can not only stay connected with everyone you know. You can even reconnect with those you have not seen for years. It is possible to meet new people and make friends like any other social network. We all have the possibility of having 5,000 friends. Can we have more?. How have more than 5000 friends on Facebook?

More than 5000 Friends on Facebook

Have more than 5,000 friends on Facebook:

We all do this, we add new friends that we find interesting, whether we know them or not so that we can make our number of friends grow. This is positive for those who want to increase their popularity in the social network by adding several people every day.

The problem is that it is impossible to have more than 5,000 friends on Facebook. The social network is configured in this way for quite some time. Those who send you request will remain as followers if you have this option activated and your account is within the limit mentioned above.

Add more than 5000 friends on Facebook:

The only alternative that you have left is to have the option of followers or subscribers activated. This way you can continue to accumulate people who can look at your posts and react to them. It is the only way that currently exists to have more followers.

The limitation that puts Facebook is quite broad considering that it is quite unlikely that anyone has more than 5,000 friends Do you know someone who has such a large number?

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More than 5000 Friends on Facebook

So at least for now, there is no method to have more than that number of friends in this social network. Unlike Instagram that is based on followers, here you can have all you want without any kind of limitation.

Facebook is one of the few social networks that have a limitation in terms of the people we have as “friends” although you can have more people who see our publications with followers as we mentioned above and in this way we increase our popularity.

How to add more friends on Facebook:

In case you are a very popular person and you think you can easily exceed 5,000 friends. We recommend that you consider creating a fan page, especially if you are Youtuber or work in any kind of business where you are present before a large number of people. Another alternative to having more people who see our publications at the moment does not exist.

Obviously, if you know some kind of method to have more followers and/or friends you can leave it down in the comments.

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