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How to Listen to WhatsApp audios faster and save time

In recent years, instant messaging applications have become the main form of non-face-to-face communication. No letters, no calls, no emails. Apps like WhatsApp are almost a religion.

TalkFaster app

Within those services there is a type of message that is becoming increasingly popular. We refer to the voice notes , small sound clips that are sent hundreds of thousands of times each day.

Each time we receive more, of longer duration and every time we spend more time listening to them, so we are going to tell you how to reduce the time necessary for this by increasing the speed of reproduction.

Accelerates the speed of WhatsApp audios:

In order to do this we need to download an application called TalkFaster! (Talk faster), which will allow us to modify the speed of the WhatsApp audios without leaving the app.

This is something that podcast listeners are accustomed to since many apps of this type allow to accelerate the sound. Even Telegram users have this function, although limited to doubling the speed or leaving it as it is recorded.

How to use TalkFaster!

TalkFaster app

Once we have the application installed, the way to activate it is very simple. When we are in a chat in which we have sent an audio, we have to:

  • Select the audio.
  • Click on the share icon.
  • Select the Talk Faster application.
  • Choose the speed of reproduction.
  • Click on Play.

Downlad TalkFaster On Mobile.

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Depending on the chosen speed, the audio will go more or less quickly. In addition, we can eliminate the silences of it. What this option does is erase the spaces in which our contact remains silent or thinking, saving us some time.

The app is free and does not take up too much so if you are one of those who receive many audios of WhatsApp, or few but very long you should take a look.

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