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How to solve Bluetooth connection problems with headphones

Technology sometimes fails, it is inevitable. But when we buy a product that supplies certain needs that fail annoys a lot. This is the case of those Bluetooth helmets that do not connect to our mobile. An important annoyance, since these headphones are designed to improve our mobility at the expense of relying on a wireless connection.

solve Bluetooth connection problems

We show you the solutions to this failure that you may be having right now. The advantage is that this failure is usually solved by restarting the phone that it gives to the mobile from time to time. But we will explore all the options.

The computer solution: try to restart it:

There are many memes about this “solution”, but it is effective. Although today’s systems are very stable and can operate for long periods of time without any problem, there are occasions when stability failures occur. These failures are solved with a simple reboot.

In fact, it is very usual that the wireless connections of our phones fail and are solved by restarting it. Yesterday it happened to me and two friends of mine with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If the problem persists, there are more options.

Check if your helmets are connected:

solve Bluetooth connection problems

Although it may seem obvious, many helmets sin of not knowing how to indicate well if they are off or on. In fact many times I have seen in the situation of having to check if the helmets were connected or not. Check all the buttons of your helmets, your instruction manual and check that your mobile at least detects them.

My helmets appear on my mobile but they do not connect:

In this case you can try several things. The first is to turn the Bluetooth on and off several times. As we say, it may be a small  “pájara”  that has been given to the system. In case you continue like this, try to find another Bluetooth accessory that you or a relative have and try to connect it.

If the accessory you have picked up (a Bluetooth remote control, a clock, etc.) has been linked, you can breathe easier because the problem is with the helmets. If, on the other hand, they do not connect and the same thing happens, we have to get into flour from another bag.

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Helmets are the problem: try connecting them to another mobile:

If your headphones do not connect to your mobile, try doing it with another mobile. In case you can not connect, then it is very possible that your device is broken or that it is not directly in “pairing” mode.

Check the instruction manual to see how you can put the helmets in this mode to pair with a device. It is usually by keeping the power button pressed for a long time. If this fails and you are in pairing mode and do not connect, then we recommend you take warranty and talk to your device provider.

If my helmets or my accessory are not connected, the problem is with my mobile:

Let’s put ourselves in the case that your mobile phone does not connect via Bluetooth to any device. Then obviously it is problem of your Android device. Here are several options to follow that we will leave you below:

  • Try restarting the phone several times.
  • Try updating your phone if you have not already done so. It may be that an older version of software prevents helmets from connecting.
  • If your phone has some time already, try to restore the factory settings. Only the adjustments; This could take  “nonsense”  from your system and get it back to normal.
  • If your helmets need an application, look for a QR code in the helmet box. Or look for the model of your Bluetooth headsets and look if you need a specific app, although it would be quite rare.

As a last resort: if you see that none of this works, restore factory:

solve Bluetooth connection problems

If you see that none of this works, you have 2 last options, but we recommend  that you do not go to it if it is not a last resort. The first is clear: restore your phone from the factory. There are times when you spend a lot of time on your mobile formatting, and this process usually solves major problems like these. In The Free Android you have a lot of information about how to reset your phone from the factory.

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If even with those does not work, then you have to  take the phone to the technical service. It is possible that the Bluetooth module has stopped working and needs to be replaced. If you still have a guarantee on your phone, take it with you because although it may seem like a minor thing, Bluetooth is the ideal connection to connect your device to many more devices.

If, on the other hand, your headphones have an input for 3.5 mm jack and you do not want to subject your mobile to such a process, you will have no choice but to use the jack to listen to music. It is not the most ideal solution, but at least it will avoid these headaches.

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