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How to turn your Android into a remote control

Let’s be honest: your phone accompanies you everywhere and you always have it on hand in case you need it. So, why not use it as a remote control to watch TV or listen to music? Thanks to advances in technology, now this is possible. Amazing! Do not you think?

How to turn your Android into a remote control

How to turn your Android into a remote control:

The most important thing before downloading any application is to verify if your TV is LED or Smart TV because if it is not Smart TV you will have to use the infrared sensor on your phone. This sensor is essential to convert the mobile into a universal remote control. Yes! Not all phones incorporate it in their designs, so if you want to check if your phone has it, you can check the manufacturer’s website, according to the brand and model, the specifications of it.

Another option is to download the IR Universal TV Remote app with which you can check if your phone has an infrared sensor. If you download and open the application, it gives you the following message: “Your phone does not have the necessary hardware to control your TV”, so you will not be able to use your mobile as a remote control on your LED TV, but on a Smart TV.

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If your phone has an infrared port you can make use of a large number of apps that allow you to control not only the television but also practically any device that uses a remote control (sound equipment, DVD, other). One of the applications that we recommend is the following.

AnyMote Universal Remote:

This app is one of the most popular and the easiest to use. When you download it you only have to search your device in a list to configure it with the device you are going to use. When you have it configured, you canHow to turn your Android in use your phone as a remote control each time you use the selected device.

Download it from here.

And if your phone does not have an infrared port …

Do not worry! As we explained at the beginning, you can still use it on a Smart TV through a Bluetooth connection, but for this, it is best to use the official application of the brand or device of the television to ensure that it is more effective in its use.

Here we present a list of official apps of some Smart TV brands.

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For Samsung

Samsung Connect

For Sony

Video & TV SideView: Remote

For LG

LG TV Remote

For Philips

Philips TV Remote application

For Panasonic

Panasonic TV Remote

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