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How to update an iPhone or iPad, in the best possible way

In this tutorial, We explain the best way to update an iPhone or iPad.Let’s talk about how to update an iPhone or iPad when there is a minor update to iOS. When there is a big update, it usually happens in September of every year, we recommend restoring the system to factory settings.When there is a minor update, for example, iOS 11 -> [.0.3], we can update directly from the iPhone or iPad. But before doing anything, we recommend you do the following.

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update an iPhone or iPad


Before upgrading, you have to do the following …:

  • Close all the apps in the background. To do this press the HOME button twice and slide up, all the applications that you have open.
  • After closing all the apps, hold the button of the shutdown of the device, until the screen with the option, “Slip to extinguish”appear. When it appears, keep the HOME button pressed until the apps screen reappears. This is done to release Cache. Snapdragon 855: Qualcomm starts preparing its chip engraved in 7nm.Following these two steps, is when you must update your device to the new iOS version.Once the new iOS update is installed, we recommend you do the following:
    • Back to close all apps in the background, if there is any.
    • Re-release cache of the iPhone or iPad, performing the same action that discussed earlier.
    • Perform a HARD RESET. On iPhone 7 and above, it is done by pressing the shutdown button and the volume down button, WITHOUT losing them, until the Apple apple appears on the screen. On the iPhone 6S and below, press the shutdown button and the HOME button, WITHOUT losing them, until the Apple apple appears on the screen.

    This is the best way to upgrade an iPhone or iPad to a new smaller version of iOS.


    Because before we update we eliminate running apps, executed processes, caches … of the device. We leave it “virgin” for the update.And because after updating, we return the iPhone “virgin”, to start using it from scratch.

    We hope you have found this article interesting. We spent, too, as Apple recommends updating the iOS devices.

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