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Huawei cheats and shoots a photo of a SLR for a Nova 3i selfie

In an advertisement for the Nova 3i in Egypt, Huawei shot photos taken with an SLR for selfies made with the smartphone. The trick was unintentionally revealed by one of the television spot actresses.

Huawei Nova 3i

Boosting the photo quality of a smartphone during an advertising campaign does not seem easy. Just recently, Samsung was caught in the bag in Brazil after passing stock images for snapshots taken with a Galaxy A8 2018. A few days later, Huawei is singled out.

The second largest manufacturer Android has indeed made an advertisement in Egypt for his Huawei Nova 3i where selfies are in the spotlight. We see two actors take pictures with the phone in different places and their faces are necessarily perfectly transcribed.

Alas, the Egyptian actress Sarah Elshamy who appears in this video spot has posted an image of the making of this advertisement and it is quite hilarious. We see the actor supposed to hold the phone stretch his arm as if taking a selfie … but in the palm of his hand, there is nothing.

Huawei Nova 3i

Instead, at the end of his fingers is the lens of a digital SLR on a tripod with a professional photographer on the other side. Of course, if the picture was taken with such a case, the rendering necessarily looks exceptional for a smartphone. The trick was discovered by a user on Reddit.

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