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If you like photography, wait for the iPhone 9

Apple’s desire to innovate is insatiable. It was logical to think that the giant of Cupertino was not going to keep only a camera capable of creating studio lighting or able to imitate your movements and translate them into a fun emoji and that according to Bloomberg reports, the next iPhone 9 will most likely have A 3D sensor in your rear camera.

The current technology of the iPhone X allows, using TrueDepth, to use portrait mode with the front camera and operate the same Face ID, that is why it is expected that this technology will remain available for the future. This makes the jump that Apple is willing to give to 3D sensors more logical, as this new component will add new features to TrueDepth technology.

What would a 3D sensor do?

iPhone 9 camera

This new sensor that Apple will implement for 2019 will allow us to improve functions with the camera, such as the possibility of using the ARKit.

With 3D sensors, the ability of 3D objects to interact with the real environment will theoretically be greatly improved. It will also increase the feeling that the object created in augmented reality is solid.

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In addition, with this new technology, Apple will be able to put an end to all the problems of an assembly that they had with the iPhone X since its front sensor has a high graduation and is very complicated to manufacture.

According to Bloomberg, this coming technology uses a more advanced sensor than the one already on the iPhone X, but it will not require the same level of precision at the time of its manufacture.

There are analysts who say that this new sensor will be available in the next iPhone, but only in its rear camera. Also, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assures that the 3D capabilities of the current iPhone X are one year ahead of any Android device on the market, therefore, believes that Apple will surely focus more on making the iPhones in time for launch facing 2019.

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