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Increase your sleep quality with Smartsleep!

Philips Smartsleep

Philips introduced Smartsleep, which people have developed for better sleep quality. Smartsleep, attracting attention with its similar design to Bandan, speeds up the transition of the brain to sleep mode by transferring a voice tone called ” White Voice” to the users’ brain.

The new title of Philips comes in line with people’s alignment to the forehead. Header and forehead-related brain activities are determined. Also, the results of the data coming out of the head between the head and the head are sent to the mobile application.

Philips Smartsleep

When the headphone detects a deep sleep, “White Voice” enters the circuit. Philips, this device will increase the quality of sleep indicates.

In a small group of tests, it was observed that the device increased sleep quality and strengthened memory. Smartsleep will be available for sale in the US next spring, and the device has a price tag of $ 399.99.

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