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Install Android on Mac OS, Windows and Linux with Genymotion

Genymotion is a full Android emulator for Windows easy to use and very powerful, specially designed for the common user, uncomplicated use or handling. With this tool can emulate a dozen Android devices, being able to detect both keyboard and mouse our computer and Internet connection automatically.It’s simple to use, so any user can make use of it, but also includes advanced functions aimed at developers and expert users. One of the best emulators that we can find right now in the market.

When we talk about visualize Android on our computer we have several options. One is from the official Android emulator itself, but the SDK is too slow lane if you only want to observe how they work a couple of things. Another option is to install Bluestacks , a tool entirely focused on applications but more limited.

Today we bring Genymotion, a tool compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux that creates a virtual machine to provide an interesting Android emulation full real – time, fully compatible with ADB, support for multiple sensors (GPS, camera, battery sensor .. ) and even OpenGL hardware acceleration.

Genymotion is easy to install as we shall see. To run on your computer will need to have at least 2GB of RAM, 100MB ESPACI or (for the program, then it depends on what you make within it can occupy more), internet connection and a resolution of 1024 × 768 . Requirements that most users today and deliver.



Installation Process:

The first step is to download Genymotion from the official website whose link is given above and create a free account of their service . This account will we use to connect to the cloud will allow us to emulate Android.

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To install the program on Mac OS have to download VirtualBox also while in Windows we can do it from your own native installer.

Install Android on Mac OS, Windows and Linux with Genymotion

Once we see the icons of the facility, and we can start Genymotion. We will see several options, Play, Add and Settings and a blank screen. This is because at the moment we have not synchronized any device.

Add and we will take a wizard to include new devices. The steps are quite simple and end of all have our smartphone added to the list. We will be asked loguearnos Genymotion realized that we have created, once inside we show you a list to select that device you want to virtualize.

Install Android on Mac OS, Windows and Linux with Genymotion

We can take anything from Galaxy Nexus up, the procedure is identical regardless of the chosen. A progress bar appears to download the data. And once completed it will return to the main screen.

Install Android on Mac OS, Windows and Linux with Genymotion

At this point , the virtual device is ready, but to optimize a little’ll set a couple of parameters. We will open VirtualBox, where we see the installed device. We click and see a few parameters. We will increase the base memory up to 2048MB, sufficient for the task at any virtualization Android.

Install Android on Mac OS, Windows and Linux with Genymotion

In the Display tab drag up to 128MB video memory. And if we really want a total experience we can activate 3D acceleration if your computer has graphics card (normal is yes). For storage with 4GB should be enough.

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We accept and close. We return to Genymotion and select the device. We reproduce. And we already have an Android emulator running on your computer with full speed higher than we get with the SDK.

Install Android on Mac OS, Windows and Linux with Genymotion

The only thing we can do will make real calls, but has almost everything. Use the Wi-Fi from your computer, your webcam, micro and speakers .. basically a full Android on our computer that can install the applications you want.

There is a downside, and we all know how worried Google lately with copyright and use of their services.So devices that come with preinstalled gapps are not supported in principle. No problem, because you can easily install using this method  the GApps as we do when we install a ROM Cyanogen.

Genymotion allows us to even install our own on this Android ROM . An authentic experience virtualization Android that more than one is sure of great help. If you plan to install it , you tell us deeply appreciate what has been your experience.

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