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iPhone 8 Plus: already six cases of battery swelling

Three new cases of iPhone 8 Plus split in two have just been reported in Greece, Canada, and Hong Kong. In total, five iPhone 8 Plus have been affected by this problem since the launch of the smartphone. It seems that the phone battery has a design problem.

The Chinese press reports a new case of iPhone 8 Plus bought on the internet and delivered split in half to the buyer. This new incident brings the number of cases of iPhone 8 Plus split by a 6-cell battery swing since September 22, 2017. Apple says it is conducting the investigation and refuses to comment.

Only a few days after the release of the iPhone 8 The first two cases of a splitting of the hull were reported in Taiwan and Japan. The first one was in charge for three minutes when the screen suddenly dissociated from the rest of the chassis. The second one was directly delivered in this state. Two similar cases in less than a week after the launch may arouse suspicion, but it was still too early to say it was a design problem.

However, on Thursday, October 5, three new similar cases have just been reported in Greece, Canada, and Hong Kong. With five cases in a week, we can now talk about a general problem. While it is possible that these five aircraft originated from the same plant, the geographical distance between the various cases reported makes this hypothesis unlikely. It seems more plausible that the five batteries were manufactured in the same place before being sent to the various assemblers.
iPhone 8 Plus: already six cases of battery swelling

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iPhone 8 Plus: towards a global recall because of faulty battery?

In reality, we can distinguish two different situations among the five iPhone 8 Plus concerned. In the first situation, the smartphone is delivered to the user with the screen already expelled. In the second case, the screen is expelled after a first charge with the Apple official charger. The two users concerned by this scenario did not charge their iPhone 8 longer than usual, and no unusual circumstances seem to be involved.

In all five cases, it seems that the split of the iPhone 8 Plus is related to an abnormal swelling of the battery. Anyway, even if a problem is not to be taken lightly, the fact that the smartphone splits under pressure is good news. Otherwise, this battery swelling could have caused an explosion, as for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

iPhone 8 Plus: already six cases of battery swelling

It is likely that Apple anticipated this problem by allowing this split in case of battery swelling. The Cupertino firm has already begun to conduct the investigation to understand the cause of the phenomenon. The five smartphones have already been sent back for review. If it turns out that the problem really concerns all the iPhone 8 Plus, it remains to be seen whether Apple will have the audacity to carry out a global recall, or whether the firm will take the risk of leaving the smartphones in circulation.

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