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iPhone X: Here is the daily cost of the “Apple tax” paid by those who buy it

Year-to-year annual cost of smartphones is increasing, so that today’s most high-end like the iPhone X or the Galaxy Note 8 are sold at over 1000 euros. In the matter, moreover, it is often Apple that is pointed at. So much so that in the English-speaking world the neologism Apple Tax (or “Apple tax”) has become common to designate all these financial sacrifices that some must make to be able to always buy the latest iDevice. But it also works very well these days with a number of flagship competitors.

Here is the daily cost of the "Apple tax" paid by those who buy it

iPhone X: its cost a lens, here’s how much can cost you the “Apple tax”

It is that we have become so addicted to the smartphone that some are now willing to invest as much as in a computer. This is not surprising when we know, for example, that in 2017, for the first time, mobile Internet traffic exceeded that on conventional computers. So, all these elements of context in mind, how much cost the famous Apple tax to those who would like to buy an iPhone X?

The calculation, therefore, starts from the principle, for simplicity, that you will change smartphone every year. And wonders what that cost represents per day, by unlocking, by tapping. Of course, if you change yours both, three, even four years, just divide it to realize what it costs you the ultimate “tax”. One learns that the iPhone X version 256 GB costs about 3.14 dollars per day.

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There are other statistics: the average smartphone is unlocked 80 times a day (5.7 times per hour over 14 hours of wakefulness), taps 2600 times, and 32 times each time: each time that you unlock it, almost 5 cents left in smoke, every time you touch it, bim. 11 cents. Of course, all these statistics do not say whether or not to spend as much money for a smartphone. Everyone makes their own choices. But this presents a pretty amazing version of its cost. What do you think?

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