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League of Legends: now available in online game

The Riot Games announced through the official profiles of League of Legends free MOBA available for PC, that recasting Ezreal champion will be released on Tuesday (9) together with the new update 8:20 of the game. As it has been reported, the biggest changes will be visual, but your W skill will undergo a practical change and will serve to score an opponent for the purpose of doing more damage.

League of Legends

In addition to the character, a new skins package will be sold for 6,027 RP – or 6,467 if the player has not yet purchased Ezreal. Entitled “The Prodigal Explorer”, the alternative clothing package will go on sale until October 24, at 03:59 am and will include:

– Ezreal of Nottingham.

– Ezreal Forward.

– Ezreal Frost.

– Ezreal Explorer.

– TPA Ezreal.

– Ezreal Galante.

– Ezreal Ace of Spades.

– Ezreal Fliperama.

– Ezreal Star Guardian.

– SSG Ezreal.

Skins Nottingham, Explorer, TPA Ezreal and SSG Ezreal, which are called Legacy Skins and which were out of the game store, will also be available separately for purchase during the period.

There will also be special emotes to express situations like “crying with joy,” “leaking” and “izi EE-ZI” – a provocation that derives from “easy,” which will be available separately for 350 RP or in a single package for 750 RP.

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