With the LG G5, LG offered the user the chance to use a metal-built smartphone and still be able to easily remove the battery from the device. This happened because of the modular feature of the device. Update: Now we have some news about the G6 that leaked on the internet as a new cover revealing its possible design and two new technology involving artificial and a cooling system for the battery. Access these new topics in ” Design “, ” Special Features ” and ” Battery “.

LG G6: launch and price:

The LG G5 was presented on February 21, during the MWC 2016 in Barcelona. His successor is likely to arrive in the same period of 2017 at the next edition of the technology fair in Spain. However, as we saw the LG G5 SE announced as the flagship of the Korean manufacturer in the country, it is likely that next year the company chooses the same strategy.

LG G6: design:

New cover reinforces G6 design : The image below is the cover manufacturer to Ghostek cell, and displays the possible LG G6 design. We have already had leaks from previous covers, but this may be the most accurate with regard to the finish of the product. We can notice that the model will be very thin and will have on its back a system of double cameras.

It is expected that the LG G6 is waterproof and apparently this case is anti-impact, which would take more advantage of the resistance of the device. We also noticed the new device screen aspect, we talk more about the new ratio in the ” screen ” below.


LG will not use modular concept in the G6 : An LG spokesman granted last January 4 an interview with American newspaper Wall Street Journal. According to the report, the company identified that the public reaction to the novelty (in this case the modules) was not received in a very lively way by consumers, which made the brand rethink the plan for the next device.

He says the LG G6 will focus on aesthetics and usability. However, the LG correspondent did not say exactly whether the new strategy will eliminate the presence of any modules in G6, or if the G5 / G5 SE support will be terminated previously.

Earlier, we saw that LG was headed in that direction, at least according to the news that came to our knowledge about the G6’s design.

Seeps back cover revealing alleged design:  A back cover of the LG G6 released by Slashleaks reveals some aspects that should be part of the device design. The manufacturer of this case is unknown, but it is common for this type of accessory, when disclosed in advance, to reveal some important visual characteristics of these launches in advance.

Looking at the hood we can note that the LG G6 should come with dual camera and accompanied by an LED flash. Below, we have a redesigned biometric reader, but it is in the same position as the G5’s. Unfortunately we can not conclude whether or not the G6 will modulate based on this leak.


First render LG G6: The Android Authority site released exclusively one that can be the first rendering of LG G6. Looked at the images below, we can see that the device will greatly remind the LG G5. If this is confirmed, we will have the dual camera module holder on the back and the biometric reader.

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At the top of the device we see that LG should keep the input to the headphones and the rest of the design will follow very similar to the LG G5. The characteristics are so similar that we have the same height of 149.7 mm, but the width will be somewhat smaller, that is, 72.4 (G6) vs 73.9 (G5). As we can see from the rendering of the LG G6, it’s hard to say if LG will maintain the modular architecture of the LG G5, so perhaps we no longer have access to the flagship battery of the Korean manufacturer.


LG G6: screen:

LG announces new screen with a resolution qHD + : LG has announced a new LCD panel, according to the brand, will be used in its next flagship, the LG G6. The screen presented has 5.7 inches and QHD + resolution, which is new in the market. This resolution, of 1,440 x 2880 pixels, delivers a pixel density of 564ppi, which is higher than the 554ppi we have on the LG G5’s 5.3-inch screen.

The company ensures that multi-window mode will work best on this new 18: 9 screen aspect, which is wider than the current 16: 9 used by businesses. So, the G6 panel should have more pixels vertically, meaning we can expect a model slightly higher than the G5. LG is adding to the new panel more intense colors and greater responsiveness to the touch.

This change in the look and technology of the screen further reinforces what the company spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the G6 will be productivity device.

LG G6 – Special Features

Artificial Intelligence : The LG G6 comes with a feature facing artificial technology, following the same way Google and Samsung Assistant Bixby. The company did not disclose details about how this feature will be implemented in the system, but said it will make the user experience with the software easier and more enjoyable.

Iris Reader:  With the uncertain future of the modular concept, LG should bet on another advantage for your next top line. According to the site  Korea Herald , the G6 should come equipped with an iris sensor, similar to this in extinct Galaxy Note 7. The novelty can help topple the new model, as when present in Note 7, the resource has left many users Interested in its operation.


LG Pay:  It is not today that LG has been working on its mobile payments platform. The novelty was to come with the LG V20, but was delayed by some internal problems. However, LG Pay should make its big debut at the top of the brand, the G6. The service uses NFC, mag-stripe and IC technologies to make payments, meaning LG Pay will work in the same way as Samsung Pay.

This will put the mobile payment means on Android devices ahead of Apple Pay, which works only via NFC and is still quite limited. The company is also expected to work by offering solutions similar to physical and magnetic banking cards, which will connect to the device. The source of this information is also the site  Korea Herald.

LG G6 – Battery:

Cooling system Battery : LG revealed that it is concerned about the safety of users regarding the device battery, as the company wants to get away from problems same as in Note 7. Therefore, the South Korean brand decided to reveal that The LG G6 will come with the battery cooling system via the heat pipe, which emits a mist on the inside of the device to keep the battery cool and cool.

Removable battery : In addition to providing support for the iris reader equal to the Note 7, LG seems to be concerned with to be safe on the problems that were found on the Samsung device. To prevent the device from having the same end as the South Korean brother, who exploded due to a battery defect, LG should bet on the removable battery in its next flagship.

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The site revealed this information, the  Korea Herald,  did not say whether the company bet on the same concept of modular removable battery, or will follow the same pattern of older models such as the G4 and G3, for example. The battery capacity of the G6 is also unknown.

LG G6: technical specifications:

After showing the world that a smartphone made of metal may also have a removable battery, LG introduced the technology called Innotek. Such a feature works like a special adhesive that attaches the biometric sensor to the screen glass, or rather part of it.

The benefits of this technology are varied. One is the higher impact resistance and the other is design, as the new feature would allow the brand’s smartphones to become even thinner. To use the solution, the manufacturer made only 0.3 mm aperture at the bottom of the display and installed the biometric component. This prevents the same be on display, as is the case with physical buttons of the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6.

According to LG, the technology has a degree of accuracy as good as those seen on square or circular fingerprint readers. In addition, using the built-in Innotek sensor on the screen, the device can withstand impacts of up to 130 grams or a drop of steel ball tipped to 20 centimeters away.

LG has yet to officially announce what will be the brand’s first smartphone to use this technology, but I venture to say that the LG G6 would be a good candidate.

So, what do you think of the so-called LG G6 news we have so far?

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