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LG launches new series of ultra-thin TVs with 4k resolution and Nano Cell technology

LG is full of news for CES 2017. In addition to the wireless headsets and laptops All Day Gram, South Korea introduced the world’s new TV series, which feature 4K resolution displays and an incredible image definition, thanks to a new technology called Nano Cell Color.

The novelty is a direct competitor of “Quantum Dot”, which will be implemented in the new series of televisions of another big company of South Korea, Samsung.

According to LG, the Nano Cell LCD panels employ uniform particles in size with a diameter of approximately one nanometer, which allows the colors to remain the same even at broader viewing angles, something that generally degrades reproduction fidelity Colors on this type of screen.

LG launches new series of ultra-thin TVs with 4k resolution and Nano Cell technology

The manufacturer still claims that the colors remain the same up to a 60 degree angle, meaning that it is as if anyone viewing the “side” images had the same vivid sense of color as those watching exactly in front of the screen.

An interesting extra is the inclusion of an Expert Technicolor Mode, technology that promises to reproduce colors as close to original content as possible, preserving the “authenticity” of the displayed tones.

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Nano Cells are also able to absorb wavelength surplus light, resulting in more accurate color reproduction.

If that is not enough to convince you to buy them, South Korean also points out that their new Super UHD LCD TVs reduce problems such as color fading and image instability.

The new TVs have an extremely thin thickness; The LG Super UHD 55-inch SJ9500 model, for example, is only 6.9 millimeters deep at its thinnest point.

They bring the latest LG version of webOS 3.5 with features such as Magic Zoom, Magic Link (for instant content recommendations), and Active HDR, which promises to deliver the best image ever, regardless of the type of content displayed

At the moment, the prices and availability of the new series of Smart TVs has not yet been released. During CES 2017 the company also introduced its first smart TVs QLED screens , a direct response to OLED from Samsung.

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