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Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch-Play Online

‘Mario Tennis Aces’ will be exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 22, 2018, and your reservation is set at an estimated price of 54.90 euros.The first Nintendo Direct of the year left us with several surprises, such as the long-awaited confirmation of the first ‘Dark Souls’ for Nintendo Switch.Before recalling in more detail what ‘Mario Tennis Aces’ offers, it is a good idea to take a brief look at the past to see the ups and downs that this saga officially started in the prolific Nintendo 64 in the year 2000 has experienced.

Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch

The creators of ‘Golden Sun’ (Game Boy Advance, 2000) took a break from tennis until 2012, with the publication of the disappointing ‘Mario Tennis Open’ by Nintendo 3DS. Far from amending their mistakes, the thing was worse in the ‘Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash’ of Wii U in 2015, a soulless experience. Nor did he receive good reviews from other sports disciplines, such as that potpourri called ‘Mario Sports Superstars’ of 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

Mario Tennis Aces: modes, characters and more:

These good vibrations are given, on the one hand, by the inclusion of a Story mode, which is its return from the classic Game Boy Advance. There will be different types of missions, combats with bosses and more things to unveil.

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Among the other modes, there will be plenty of classic Multiplayer, both local and online, up to a maximum of four people and with the option to play tournaments. In fact, Nintendo has in mind to make, through a demo, a limited-time online pre-release tournament shortly before the game goes on sale.

As for characters, there are 15 confirmed and with these styles:

  • Mario: off-road
  • Luigi: off-road
  • Wario: powerful
  • Waluigi: defensive
  • Peach: technique
  • Daisy: everything
  • Yoshi: fast
  • Rosalina: crafty
  • Donkey Kong: powerful
  • Toad: fast
  • Bowser: powerful
  • Toadette: technique
  • Bowser Jr: defensive
  • Chain Chomp: powerful
  • Boo: crafty

According to Nintendo, in certain online tournaments, we will get rewards for the simple fact of participating. These will come from special costumes and additional characters, but so far no details have been revealed. The intention of the company is to offer “events quite regularly”.

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