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MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder – Mobile RPG

Mystic Emissary Of Wonder (MEOW) is a new roleplaying Game which is not yet released by its developer. So, RPG lover you have to wait until it released.

MarsCat Studio is a new game from the pearl milkland. Taiwan is a founding member of the gaming industry. Has launched its first mobile game for mobile gamers to look good. 

The game is called ‘MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder’, or if anyone follows the news, the game industry will probably be familiar with the name ‘Project Camelot’.

Mystic Emissary Of Wonder is a turn-based RPG game that comes with a collection of cards, characters and special functions that players can drag other players into the team when they come. Meet in the city when both players become friends. 

MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder

The character that pulls in will be stronger. It is a system that shares rare characters in the game and is important to continue playing even if the player is offline.

MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder

In addition, the player will also encounter a boss battle with the brutality that comes with the change of environmental factors as well. The traps will result in the play, the wall is destroyed and so much more.

MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder

These factors will greatly enhance the player’s fighting skills. The game is scheduled to open in Taiwan later this year. The English version is not available. You have to wait for news from the developer.

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