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My cell phone is hit and has no signal, what do I do?

Unfortunately, and although we take the trouble to use protectors for our mobile phones, the truth is that sometimes cases are inevitable in which these devices are hit, and as a result, have problems later.

cell phone problem

In this particular article, we would like to address an inconvenience that many readers have mentioned to us in recent times, related to the fact that their phone is hit and that, due to this, it loses the signal.

That is why, if your phone has been hit and you have lost the mobile Internet signal, you have to keep reading to find out how to solve the issue.

cell phone problem

My cell phone was hit and it was no signal:

And as we said, one of the most common problems after a cell phone falls or receives a blow is that it does not raise a signal, a serious problem because basically in those cases the terminal is almost useless. That’s why we want to show you what you have to do if you intend to get rid of this annoyance.

Therefore, if your phone does not have a signal after falling or hitting, you have to know that the first step to follow is to check that the SIM card is correctly placed in the slot in which it goes inside the terminal. What happens is that, sometimes, as a result of the initial blow moves from its initial position, and that is why we do not have mobile Internet. This you have to do, of course, with the phone off.

On the other hand, do not lose sight of the fact that the internal antenna of the GSM signal may have been released due to the blow, because they are connected to the equipment’s board. Here you should resort to a specialized service and enforce the guarantee if you have it.

cell phone problem

Solution to a cell that fell and lost the signal:

You have to consider, in the same way, that if you do not have a guarantee, you have the possibility to disassemble your mobile phone and check the status of the antenna, to see if it has been damaged or if it has a similar problem. If you have this knowledge, you can save some money, although if it is not so, you should not improvise and resort to the technical service in question.

Almost always errors are related to these two issues if your mobile does not have a signal after a hit or fall.

Have you been able to re-use your mobile phone hit with these tricks?

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