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New strategy game RWBY: Amity Arena – Pre-Registration

RWBY Amity Arena is a new and fresh Strategy Game which s developed by NHN Entertainment Corp. NHN Entertainment Corp announce the pre-registration for RWBY Amity Arena. This new mobile game will be available in Fall 2018 on Google Play and the App Store in select countries.

RWBY Amity Arena has to combined real-time strategy with collectible amazing cards for dramatic PVP battles.

RWBY: Amity Arena

The game has unique gameplay and amazing graphics. Set in the world of Remnant, players build Huntsman and Huntress’s teams based on their favorite Vytal Festival Tournament contenders. You have to choose iconic RWBY characters or round out your team with White Fang combatants, Atlas tech, or creatures of Grimm.

Go forward and Collect the cards and upgrade these cards to build the RWBY team of your dreams. Put Yang on the front battle line to obliterate foes with a barrage from Ember Celica. Position Ruby to support her, sniping with piercing rounds from Crescent Rose.

RWBY: Amity Arena

Guide Weiss to freeze or jam pack your enemies with a Glyph of ice. All while Blake sneaks through the shadows to destroy their towers and end the match.

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Now Pre-register your favorite game and won the amazing items or prizes. Fans of the RWBY series will delight in seeing the different biomes of Amity Arena. Players battle through the arenas and use each unique Semblance to claim victory in the tournament.

Tremendous efforts were made over the last few months to balance the characters to make it feel as true as possible to the original series. More fan favorites are in the works, so stay tuned into the RWBY: Amity Arena social pages for updates.

Pre-register RWBY: Amity Arena Here

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