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Play Read Only Memories Type-M on mobile & PC

Read Only Memories: Type-M is an Adventure Game which is developed/published by MidBoss.Read Only Memories: Type-M is a cyberpunk thriller that imagines the challenges of tomorrow through the adventure games of yesterday.

When the world’s first sapient machine seeks help from a struggling journalist, the unlikely duo finds themselves drawn into the dark places that hide behind the dazzling lights of Neo-San Francisco. The secrets they discover could shake the very foundations of society, and some people would stop at nothing to keep them quiet.

Explore a colorful future metropolis, meet fascinating characters, and uncover a deadly conspiracy. Think carefully about your choices—you never know how they will affect events further down the line.

Read Only Memories Type-M on mobile & PC

Features of Read Only Memories:

– Free first chapter lets you try before you buy.
– Old-school adventure gaming inspired by 90’s classics.
– Branching plotlines, complex character interactions, and multiple endings.
– Stunning pixel art and catchy electronic soundtrack.
– Enhanced for mobile, including an improved interface.

Download Required:

Read Only Memories Type-M For iOS

Read Only Memories Type-M For Android

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