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Pokemon GO is partnering up with McDonalds

It is not secret to anyone that so phenomenally successful Pokémon game for smartphones is surprising even the most experienced observers of the securities markets worldwide.

The famous and recognized electronic signature Nintendo certainly knew that his augmented reality game had a good reception from users, but to the executives of the firm should be surprised of such a huge fever have unleashed, thanks to their virtual figurines.

Pokemon GO is partnering up with McDonalds

And that Midas touch so to speak is the one that is now favoring those big companies are engaging their fate and marketing campaigns to monstricos Pokémon.

Burgers and Pokémon:

On Wednesday, shares of restaurant chain McDonald’s in Japan were achieved after firing in the press talking about the possibility of an agreement with the same Pokémon Nintendo to launch in that country.

The game is currently available in the United States, Mexico, Australia and Europe, but although it might sound ironic, has not come to Japan for the moment.

Pokemon GO is partnering up with McDonalds

The much rumored cooperation between Nintendo and fast food chain McDonald’s succeed in turning the participating venues of the famous chain of restaurants in “pokéstops” (ie poke stops) or “gyms” (gymnasiums), which are the places where players can confront others or find new pokémon.

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Although no date for the game’s release associated with McDonald’s is well known, but this alliance would probably take a lot more customers to their local food, which would impose a similar model sponsoring locations but in other markets.

Nintendo shares rose precipitously last week. It is estimated that these came up more than twice its market value.In fact, the million downloads of Pokémon Go have added something like a $ 7,000 million dollars to their capitalization.

Percentage of sales:

The famous title Pokémon Go is free in the Apple Store. But those players looking to collect all the monstricos can buy so -called virtual currency, pokécoins.

Pokemon GO is partnering up with McDonalds

As for users to increase their inventory of Pokémones, it is necessary to spend money to store, train, breed and fight the monstricos, this is done through “micro payments”.

As it as you would any other internet service provider, the company Apple gets a piece of the pie, which is 30% of sales in the App Store.

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