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Police officer uses Pokémon Go to catch criminals

A police station Police Virginia, in the United States, are using their Facebook page to invite “random citizens”, which actually are people with orders pending arrest, to catch Ditto-a pokemon highly desired in the game Go- Pokémon, and so become bait to capture criminals.

“I had no idea how huge it would be this,” said Bryan Miller, administrator of the Facebook page Police Department Smithfield after he came to the press his trap that offers Ditto, whom no player atrapar- still he managed as a gimmick to capture those “random citizens”.

Police officer uses Pokémon Go to catch criminals

“I have a great sense of humor,” he said .Sgt Miller told the British newspaper The Guardian, explaining that his idea actually took a colleague from New Hampshire, who two weeks ago did the same but Charizard, another character virtual highly sought after in the video game.

While it is unlikely that the names in the list are presenting themselves in the police, there was a case of an offender who was caught thanks to Pokémon Go. Happened in the city of Detroit, when a man rode his bicycle to a local police station, who happened to be a ‘gym’ video game, that is a key to the evolution of virtual characters instead.

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Police officer uses Pokémon Go to catch criminals

The man was recognized by the troops as a person with arrest warrant, according to the British newspaper.

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that is catching virtual creatures that are located via GPS in the real world, was released on July 6 and is now available officially in more than 30 countries, which quickly installed as most downloaded mobile application.

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